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Welcome to Carpe Diem Experience!

Carpe Diem Experience is an artful living marketplace where design meets function. We connect businesses with events and pop up spaces at our location in Downtown Fullerton,  It is filled with creative businesses to inspire the community.                                                                         It’s where creative businesses meet to gather and explore possibilities. A place to inspire like-minded people to grow, share and engage with
the public.  We offer events, spa services, wellness, retail shopping, dining, and workshops.  It is an experience filled with lots of inspiration, ideas, wellness and beauty services and great gifts.  Consulting and workshops are available when the opportunity comes.  Bring your workshop or class to our creative place.

Carpe Diem

For over 20 years, I have been building businesses and supporting artists/small businesses.  My goal is to inspire and grow awareness + mindfulness among passionate women and men with a desire to build and grow something good.  I support and create networking groups and believe building relationships can add value to your target goals.  A good brand is equally important as telling your story.  My mission is to put a spotlight on the valuable tools needed to grow sustainable businesses with talented people.  Build your brand, tell your story.

– Sabrina Contreras
Founder of Carpe Diem Experience

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We are a collaborative team with one common goal: We have created a beautiful place to find your favorite shopping and services in our community.

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